College Council

The Council is the governing board of the College. Its authority is provided for in the Nova Scotia Medical Act. It is responsible for setting strategic direction, developing policies, and providing oversight of the College’s performance.

The Council includes physician members elected by physicians and public members appointed by the College through a nominations process. Nova Scotia’s medical school holds a Council seat, and medical learners are represented as observers. Council meets four times per year. Under the legislation, the College has committees made up of Council members, medical professionals, and public representatives who provide oversight and guidance on relevant issues. The College’s Council and committees aim to provide a well-balanced and equitable approach to the regulation of medicine.

Members of Council 2019-2020

  • Dr. Mary Oxner, President*
  • Ms. Sandra Aylward*
  • Ms. Michele Brennan*
  • Mr. Richard Nurse*
  • Mr. Neetin Prabhu
  • Mr. Mark Rosen*
  • Dr. Minoli Amit
  • Dr. Elias Fares
  • Dr. Martin J. Gardner
  • Dr. Marni Goodman
  • Dr. D.A. (Gus) Grant, Registrar & CEO
  • Dr. Alyson Holland
  • Dr. Andria MacAulay
  • Dr. Cindy Marshall
  • Dr. Umesh H. Prabhu
  • Dr. John Ross
  • Dr. Trevor Topp
  • * Indicates public members of council