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Notes from the Field

By Dr. Roop Conyers, PhD, MD, CCFP

The College’s Physician Peer Review Nova Scotia (PPR-NS) program is designed to proactively support physicians to improve their practice and patient outcomes. I have been a peer reviewer in the PPR-NS program since 2017.  

The program addresses areas of improvement and establishes a physician practice improvement plan to guide positive changes in practice. Another important aspect of the peer review process is the focus on a physician’s well-being which explores the supporting factors in the clinical environment and reflecting on elements of physician burnout. The overall goal is to focus on our colleagues’ well-being as much as we focus on the delivery of patient-centered care.

Dedication of Physicians

As a peer reviewer over the years, I have been incredibly fortunate to meet and share the stories of many of my physician colleagues throughout Nova Scotia. I have been amazed by their dedication to their patients and community; their long hours of commitment to their work and profession; their sacrifice, both self and family, for the benefit of their patients, and their tenacity and resilience in often challenging work environments with increasing demands. I have come to realize that they are all ambassadors of our profession who strive every day to provide exemplary patient care. 

One of the main benefits of the peer review process is that it is really focused on supporting our physicians. It is not a punitive process, but rather a reflective exercise focused on highlighting and validating the positive aspects of a clinician’s practice. We are all so caught up in the demands of our everyday practice. This program provides physicians with an important opportunity to learn from a guided approach of reflection in conjunction with their clinical practice. This is a meaningful process for all involved.

Collectiveness & Commonality

I am inspired by physicians’ tenacity and their energy – the conversations and interactions with my colleagues foster a sense of collectiveness that you get from that dialogue. We are all facing similar challenges and there is a sense of commonality that energizes you in the work you do … you realize you are not doing it by yourself.

It has been a wonderful journey of learning, interacting with my peers and colleagues – reflecting on their successes and challenges, and hopefully facilitating a reflective process in improving their clinical and professional practice.

About Dr. Roop Conyers, PhD, MD, CCFP  

Dr. Conyers is a family physician with the Annapolis Collaborative Practice in Annapolis Royal, providing comprehensive patient care. He is also the Site Director and Curriculum Coordinator for the Annapolis Valley Site Family Medicine Residency Program with Dalhousie University, where he sits on the Selection Committee and Residency Program Committee for the Department of Family Medicine. At the national level, he is a member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada’s (CFPC) Section of Teachers and Postgraduate Education Committee.

As a rural physician, Dr. Conyers is passionate about the specialty of family medicine and is committed to ensuring that the residents under his tutelage grow into competent clinicians in both acute and chronic medical care.

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