Strategic Plan


Our vision is to be a respected leader that protects the public while supporting the medical profession.


Our mission is to serve the public by effectively regulating the medical profession.


Our commitment is to be thorough, clear, decisive and fair. We will engage the public and the profession.


Our work will reflect the value we place in:

  • Input from the public and the profession;
  • Excellence in medical care; and
  • Professionalism.

Strategic Plan 2021-2022


Strategic Themes
Access to Healthcare

Access to Healthcare

We will support improved access to healthcare through leadership, collaboration, and flexibility.

Key Milestones to Date:

  • Streamlined licensing application process
  • Working closely with the province’s Office of Healthcare Professionals Recruitment
  • Developed alternatives to licensure for internationally trained medical graduates
  • Provided a pathway to Restricted licensure for those physicians not eligible for a Full licence


We will work to ensure the College is a culturally competent, respectful, safe, and humble organization for all.

Key Milestones to Date:

  • Commissioned an independent review of the College’s operations through the lens of anti-Black racism
  • Registrar is a founding member of the national FMRAC Working Group on Anti-Indigenous Racism
  • Initiated an equity, diversity and inclusion training program for College staff and its committee members
Sexual Misconduct Complaints

Sexual Misconduct Complaints

We will serve the public with processes that are progressive, fair, and sensitive to all involved.

Key Milestones to Date:

  • Provided ongoing education and training on trauma-informed investigation approaches to staff and committee members tasked with investigating complaints
  • Through our Public Support Advisor, complainants are supported by professional advice and navigation through the complaint process
  • Developed plain-language web content to support ease of access for the public wishing to file a complaint with the College